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our pool range

We have a pool to suit every need


9.0m x 4.08m

Vice President

8.0m x 3.57m


7.0m x 3.4m


6.0m x 3.4m

Platinum 11 Slim

11m x 4.0m

Platinum 10

10m x 3.6m

Platinum 9

9.0m x 3.6m

Platinum 8

8.0m x 3.6m

Platinum 7

7.0m x 3.0m

Entertainer 8

8.0m x 4.0m

Entertainer 7

7.0m x 4.0m

Entertainer 6.5

6.5m x 2.7m

Entertainer 5.5

5.5m x 2.7m

Entertainer 4.5

4.5m x 2.7m