platinum 7

7.0m x 3.0m

The Swimming Pool

Platinum 7

A contemporary geometric style pool with non-slip entry stairs and double resting seats in the deep end, the Platinum 7 design is suited to most modern backyards. Add to the elegance of this pool with a stylish water feature and landscaping to create a sophisticated outdoor entertainment area in your home.

Modern sophistication is the main term used when talking about the Platinum Collection. The intelligent design incorporated in to the Platinum compliments modern architecture exceptionally!

The pools feature dual entry with steps on each side of the pool making it very versatile.

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About The Pool

Pool Dimensions

Length: 7.0m
Width: 3.0m
Depth: 1.14m – 1.76m

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Platinum Pool Inspiration

Our Pool Interiors

MarbleTech’s™ ingenious design includes pigment and pearlescent gelcoats that look like marble and are completely unique to any other finish available. MarbleTech™ is the most fade resistant Gelcoat surface on the market.

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