Pool Equipment

Freedom stocks a full range of pool equipment. Check out our range below. To find out more enquire now.

Pool Pumps

Enhance your pools performance with the extra-heavy duty pump. Built for Australian conditions, its hi-tech thermo plastic body houses a powerful motor which reduces running costs and improves the performance of automatic pool cleaners. The sand/cartridge filter is built to provide maximum filtration performance.





Salt Water Pool Chlorinator

The Auto Salt Water Pool Chlorinator produces chlorine in your pool to keep it crystal clear all year round. Very easy to operate and without the need for ongoing attention you simply set the time clock and leave it to do the rest. The Auto Salt Water Pool Chlorinator gives you total peace of mind that your swimming pool is being chlorinated properly. Fitted with a Chlorine Output Meter you can easily monitor and adjust the chlorine output yourself if required. The Auto Salt Water Pool Chlorinator only a small amount of salt to be added annually.



Pool Solar Heating

Make the most out your swimming pool investment and have the ‘swim when you want’ lifestyle with swimming pool solar heating. Pool Solar heating systems are economical and have a long life because they are simple – cold water pumped from your pool through solar absorbers on your hot roof, which collects the heat as it makes the return trip to your pool. Freedom Pools uses a state of the art swimming pool solar system designed and engineered to deliver the lowest cost and most reliable heating for your pool. With a range of colours and a flat matt design Freedom Pools provides highly efficient solar heating for your pool without detracting from your property’s appearance.





Solar Blankets & Rollers

Solar blankets helps with saving water by virtually stopping evaporation. They also provide solar heating, and can keep your pool cleaner when in use. Enquire about our standard and hidden in-ground models today.



Cyclone Pre-Filter

An innovative filtration device that minimises filter maintenance and saves water. Filters up to 80% of the pools dirt load before it reaches your filter. For more info, please ask your Freedom Representative.





Robotic Cleaners

A product that will clean and maintain your pool’s aesthetic while in use. For more information, please ask your Freedom Representative.



Swim, Spa & Micro Jets

A wide range of swim jets, spa jets and micro jets can be installed to enhance the luxury and comfort of your pool.




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